InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here: http://mrjakeparker.com/inktober  #Inktober

Will definitely do this year!

I’m in for another ink/offtober, but I will need suggestions! Please throw ideas in my inbox~



InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here:

Will definitely do this year!

I’m in for another ink/offtober, but I will need suggestions! Please throw ideas in my inbox~

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More speedpaints of Edgar Payne work!

I feel like I learned a lot about seeing color in this, although if I had managed my time better, I would have probably learned SO much more. The feel of water was something I got a lot of from this. And landscaping. Hopefully I’ll improve a lot this semester! 

Well i’m practicing drawing ponies. I could go with the style that everyone else does and copy the show directly but…. meh. I don’t actually feel like doing that. I like drawing the ponies my own way. 

Anyway, my favorite! Fluttershyyyy~~~~ 

Some homework for my painting class! Invented, monochromatic landscapes done in 90 minutes. These thumbnails are where the two paintings come from. @_@ I’m not too good at this invented landscape thing, but I gave it my best shot. 

A few great figure drawings I did over the summer. I think that they’ll be candidates for my future portfolio review, so I’d love some feedback on which ones you think are best and which ones probably shouldn’t be put in. By the way, which one of the first two is better? 

(Btw, don’t focus on the background on that first one. I’m going to edit it out. I know it doesn’t fit.)

So, uh, feedback? 

A little story about how Arietta deals with unsavory types. 

Two studies of the works of Edgar Payne, in Black and White, each taking 90 minutes.

A random Arietta profile! 

I really need to draw more sprites for her. :( I haven’t had much time. It’s been really limiting my ability to RP. 

I started drawing John and his stomach mouth AU during a meeting of the animation program. I can hardly wait for all the events ahead! @_@ it’s really hard to draw in the dark, but I think these turned out okay. Like, it feels like my style is my own at least. 

Akriel yesterday, Mordecai today.

He’s finally starting to look like his own character and not like spanish!professor sycamore. Hooray! 

What is it with me and boys with long curly hair? Who knows, but enjoy the gay bara priest. 

Me and my friend were discussing the idea of Akriel having multiple forms, and this was the result. No matter what gender he takes, his sexual attributes are… uh, rather pronounced. I guess that’s just how the angel of fertility rolls?

Also his schlong and the boobs on his female form have (cracktastic) names. The Staff of Moses, and the Holy Valley. X3 

Remember that Dante I mentioned? This is him.

His story is that he’s a former sociology major who suddenly left school for unknown reasons, moved across the state, and began working as a vegas preacher. And by vegas preacher, I mean “That guy who marries drunk people at 3am”. It isn’t much, but hey, it’s work. Why his successful life took a sudden turn, and why he’s so interested in the focus of our story (The defendant from that near decades-old case), is a complete mystery to all but him, and he’s not interested in giving information. However, he does seem to have a connection to the person at the heart of this case…. 

A character design I made for a nanowrimo i’m planning to write. These are mostly for reference. But, anyway, this is Fahria Sadik. She’s a cheery young journalist of turkish heritage who lives with her partner, and is currently working on getting information from the freed defendant of a famous case that happened around the age she was a little girl, which was shrouded in mystery. She’s mostly a minor character, as her partner takes the role of the narrator most of the time, along with a man she likes (who might be gay? Haven’t decided if he’s gay or bi) named Dante. You’ll see him later on. 

I gotta get plotting, designing, etc. I have the setup done, but I need the actual heroes journey plotted out. Wish me luck! 

Consider it done! (It wouldn’t show up on my comp sorry for shit mobile upload)


dj-monolith asked: hey! it was nice meeting you yesterday at Japan Expo... and I love the drawing you guys did. :D

Ah, thank you! I’m glad you liked it! It was wonderful meeting you too. :D Hopefully we’ll see each other at another con? I love meeting old friends at conventions.