Studying painting trees (my current assignment) by doing a master copy of a painting by Hayao Miyazaki for the film “The Secret of Arietty.” This came out good enough that I’m honestly considering putting it in my portfolio review as a master copy piece. 

This was SUPPOSED to be a 90 minute speedpaint, and… yeah, it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure this took several hours. 

Another goddamned tree post. Enjoy, friends. 

A quick drawing of Riku with her hair braided. 


Anonymous asked: 5 + Mary Seng

8D Well I think I know who sent this in~ here yo go! Sorry it took so long! 

Whenever I don’t know what to draw, I draw Oraclekaase as an art model. This is an older her (it wasn’t supposed to be but… I messed up the lines and here we are.) 

Damn Mira, u still hot in your what, late thirties, early fourties? You go girl. I bet you’ll still be sexy when u 80 years old. 

I had to draw Trees. I suck at trees. This is the result.

Some figure drawings from my most recent trip for portfolio fodder  i mean to enrich my drawing skills. 

And today in “Kyra can’t draw trees but has to do it for homework”…

I’ve been playing a lot of Lieat these days, so I decided to draw a friend’s OC as a hate-eating dragon. This was more of a rough concept sketch/design sketch than anything else, but I like it. This is probably later in the timeline… I’m guessing that when he’s first born he ends up a lot bigger. There’s a LOT of hate in his childhood environment. I haven’t quite perfected a younger, chubbier design though… ^^; I guess we’ll find out how that goes. 



Been doing a bit of re-designing on Riku’s war goddess form. Her sign is now on her chest, near her heart, and it looks like a rose now. Also her armor is a bit different. I think it looks a lot better. 

I’ve been drawing a LOT of Holden lately…

does this count as inktober? XD 

More Arietta in a skullgirls-like style. 

I spent a weird amount of time drawing a sad pregnant teenager with pretty hair. Yyyyep.

This is what my final pinecone ended up looking like! I hope to fix it up for portfolio review… let’s see if I get the time! XD 

My pinecone project! (too lazy to re-orient it)

I was really proud at first, but I know now that it’s far from my best work. Still, I think that it turned out okay. I ended up getting a B-

Gonna make my painted pinecone AWESOME though!!! :D